12 August 2011

That AWKWARD moment...

1) When I am about to enter the lift and there is another person inside. Just the TWO of us. In the lift. Silence. This awkward moment. Uhh..

2) When I have to pay for my lingeries and there is a MALE on the counter. uhh awkward...awkward...

3) When my friend told me the same story yet he/she was in a very passionate mood as if this is the first time and I didnt have the heart to tell her/him that "YOU'VE ALREADY TOLD ME THIS" at the end. yahh.. that awkward feeling..

4) When I'm on the train and trying so hard to avoid making eye-contacts with the person seating exactly opposite where the only place that I can stare is just the floor (and the shoes)...awkwarddd..

5) When I send someone an IM, and they sign off...blurghhh..

6) When I post something on facebook but there's no likes and comments at all...huu awkward..


Pocket said...

1) more awkward kalau dia musuh kamu, orang yg rampas BF kamu maybe..
or lagi awkward kalau dia EX yang berpisah ngan tak beshnya..

2) tu tak awkward lagi, lagi awkward bila dia tawarkan khidmat nasihat, 'dik jangan pakai yg ni, tak bagus..'
eeehh pandai la plak kamu..

6) tu bukan awkward, tu kesian. :D
heheh.. pocket gi komen! pocket gi komen!! :D

Narina Joe "Najo" said...

pocket - komen untuk number 1 saya dislike!

yang lain2 tu boleh terima...high imagination sunggoh pocket ni...selalu pikir out of the box eh...;)

Lord Wilberforce said...

[1] In silence mode, maybe another Lifter is quite astonished with you.

[2] Why awkward, the MALE can have knowledge about your Favourite Color. Hehe.

[3] Where's your heart actually Dr, been stolen?

[4] That's a good thing. Lower the gazing.

[5] Nature calls them sweetly in the Washroom. Time Constraint.

[6] No Facebook comments means they are so segan to comment.

Narina Joe "Najo" said...

Lord Wilberforce -

1) if the another Lifter was you, then I might be more anxious...bahahaa

2) well...thats not a good thing...it should be every woman's priceless secret, well at least for me it is!..uhuh *sweat**sweat*

3) hurm to answer your question scientifically and medically correct...my heart is in between the left 2nd and 5th intercostal space..

4) of course...im very shyyyyy~

5) haha...based on own experience isnt it? hurm hurmm?

6) owh penyegan...makna kata "malas" la tu kot noh...;p

Lord Wilberforce said...

Dr. Najlaa Raihana bt Juhari.
[1] Why to more anxious of me, I am Lifting with you, not I handholding you or whatever imaginable. Hehe.[iLaugh in a controllable manner]

[2]Really priceless secret? However it is printed in your Debit Transaction. Price is RM86 for two. Summer by Triumph. The reliable sources said that it was Maroon.

[3]I am not fascinated with Irish Medical Terminology. I duly noted the Heart is between the two Peace Hills right? Oh Goodness. Anti-Gravitised.

[4]Shy is not obvious, Daring is. Yeah iLike Daring Dr.

[5] No laa, I hate IM. Macam budak sekolah rendah. I meet in person for Corporate Purposes.

[6]mana ada penyegan. tu penyegan Utagha. I am not Peghelih.

p/s: Knowing you minat Safee the Bola sgt kelakar ok. X sangka you suka Local Flavour. Hehe.

Narina Joe "Najo" said...

(urgh...i swear i could mention your full name here..but takpe...i respect ur privacy and secrecy...;p)

1) What can I do other than being anxious? When smart looking guys are my ultimate weakness...! [wow, it rhymes!]

2) Heypp..you've got it wrong there...it's 20% discount after the total price...AND most importantly it's not maroon! hah..told ya...the colour is priceless!
(danggg...how come u know so much?? uhhh..)

3) wow...it seems like ur feeling "on top of the hill" when you wrote this...huh huh

4) whatever it is.....im still shyyyyy~

5) owh..meaning no meeting if its not corporate purposes la...too bad then...

6) ler...bukankah perlis, kedah n penang itu termasuk area utagha?

p/s Safee the bola?? uhuhu how come u can call him a bola when he's the legendary Malaysian football playerrr...ahh emo la macam nii!

Lord Wilberforce said...

[hey jgn la sumpah-sumpah, x baik tau, hehe]

[1] So far I don't have weakness. But confronting a Dr and she is Tudung-clad. Helpless. My knee would be shivering moderately. I think since I was 11 years old.

[2] Emm, actually that is still a minor knowledge la Dr. in my school,I am continuously doing Trade Research. So I should be aware of the ups and downs and hangings of that thingy.

[3] amboi Dr ni, ade laa feeling sikit-sikit. Hill 34B kot. Haha.

[4] Let me cover your red-blush shy face. I am very professional doing it.

[5] It depends. If there is The Brothers and Sister, it might be Group Dating. If husband and wifey, then it would be Mating to the Max Paradiso.

[6]haa btui la tuh. Tak leh dipertikai tembikai lagi dah.

Postscript 1: Okeila I call him the legendary Malaysian football playerrr. Ehh jgn la emo, syg btol die kt en. safee tuh. Hahaha.

Postscript 2: Looking at your Blog-Tweetz Updates, hey there was no stupid people on earth. Even if You disagree, You are now Officially a Medical Practitioner. Congratulations. I am glad to be Your first Cute Patient.

Anonymous said...

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