04 October 2008

1st,2nd,3rd Syawal, & There's more to come..!!


Sharing experiences is definitely a great thing to do. I am fully aware that Raya celebration here in Dublin would never be the same as in Malaysia. Well, who knows? This might be my last time experiencing Eidulfitri here. Despite the fact that I am thousands miles away from my beloved family and relatives back home, Hari Raya here isn't that bad after all!! Surrounded by friends and acquaintances who are in the same situation as me, we all know that we need each other. One thing for sure, joys and happiness are to be shared together..!


Up until now, I've already received 3 Raya greetings cards and I know there are 3 more cards for me but they were addressed to Malaysia. Unfortunately I couldn't read them up just yet. But thanks a million for those sending me the cards yeaah..!! Much appreciated..=)

- This is from my bestest friend, AZNI sending it all the way from Melbourne...exclusively cute card, cute design. Thanx Azni, Miss u !-

- This one is from one of my favourite blogger, Syam @ Aeropama.com. Hehe..thanx Syam, What a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect this card to arrive Dublin but I do apppreciate your willingness to send it here...=)-

- Undeniably this is by far the most beautiful and longest card that I've received this year. It came from a unique friend of mine, Mr Razi who has always been 'cold' and 'annoying' but he's irresistable! (aku tatau nk puji camne lagi Razi oii) haha =p-

More cards coming..? I guess so...because I believe there's more to come!=p


Not much to share because I went to hospital for lectures. After classes, we went straight to Haji Fauzi's open house..

- ( Ima, Hana, Anne, Me ) Celebrating Raya in Hospital-

- Me & Ima on bus heading to Hj Fauzi's house -

- Wada, Helma, Anne, Me & Hana waiting for the bus to come -

- Hana, Me & Anne on the way back. Us against the world! lalalaa...-


2nd Syawal is just another Thursday for me =( In fact... I've got Ward Tutorial which I've been asked to prepare for a history taking session with a simulated patient on the Renal system + lectures lectures & lectures + Microbiology tutorial.


Yeay, It's Friday already!! We've been invited to an open house at Jamiey, Alisa, Syam & Fai's place..

- Us...hehe ( too many to list down the names)-

- Another Picture of Us-

- Well, again...US!! haha =p

- Ima, Hana & Me in front of their house posing joyfully!=p-

- Another pose..maybe??=p-

p/s There's more pictures to come for sure because I guess OUR official Hari Raya will start tomorrow coz we are going to rock MALAYSIA HALL!!!!=)


Anonymous said...

Puji aku padia?...Nie kutuk aku nie...-Razi-

Anonymous said...

ko punya kad raya x sampai pon.

farah aminuddin said...

ade kelas ek time raya? same la! urgh..

btw selamat hari raya =)

Najlaa Raihana said...

Najlaa to Razi- hehe aku puji kad ko jer...tp aku puji ko jugak ape...kutuk awal2..puji akhir2...ok ah tuh..=p

Najlaa to Fariz - eyy serius ker? alaa..xde rezeki kot..might lost somewhere la tuh...huhuhu..sebab org lain dah lame dah dapt kad tuh...hurm..

Najlaa to Farah - yupp klass je..sebab bukan weekends pon kan...selamat hr raya jugak eh=)

sEhA OweN said...

walaupon xsame mcm raye kt cni...tp nmpk mcm bes jugak la kn...
xpe2...taon dpn bley raye kt cni...insyallah...

azlieJONET said...

salam najlaa..

slmt hari raya di perantauan.. hiks..

Monkey D Luffy said...

aku pun ingin sebenarnya belajar luar negara... hmmm... tak pandai sangat. belajar dalam negara jek dulu...

raya memang best walau dimana jua dirayakan....

Najlaa Raihana said...

Naj to Seha - ha'a...insyaAllah bleh raya sana lak tahun depan ek...=)

Naj to Azlie - selamat raya to u too...!

Naj to Luffy - Raya tetap rayaaa...hehe..

Anonymous said...

hmm... kad raya x sampai.. how come??

Najlaa Raihana said...

just discovered sumthing...alamat yg korang bagi sumer yang duk perlis...yg duk negeri lain xde lak stakat ni komplen kad raya x sampai2...haaa...kontroversi nih....

Adry said...

umang aii... banyaknya entri terlepas... here goes..

kad raya saya kirim kat alamat rumah kat Taman Tenaga tu...

Adry @ http://www.adrysabry.com

Najlaa Raihana said...

hehe..Adry...tuhla..tau kad raya sampai kt Msia, tp sampai skarang sy tak baca lg kad tuh...huhu